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My RCA SuperRadio sits behind my head-in-bed. Between it and me is a wooden board covered by a towel, plus a pillow in a plastic pillow case. At night, I refresh the tissue paper in my ears with water, blunting the sound. I put on a skull cap, put earphones over that, put a thicker hat over that, and put a head band over all that - and my ears. Sometimes, having ears is a bad thing.

Against the front of my RCA SuperRadio's speaker is a sheet of paper, pressed in place by a squarish big bottle of water. In front of this is a big heavy couch pillow. Then, we reach the aforementioned board...


This way, when the idiot downstairs starts stomping his feet or slamming doors at me, I can turn the radio up so mainly the bass reaches his antennae, whereas I am somewhat protected from my own noise - as well as his. Sometimes, this does not work, like when my brain is just too sick, or when things get completely out of control. In these cases, I try to migrate to the back room to sleep. If he hears this, he will go back there and make noises to bother me, or he will slam at 3:am, but he will try to avoid anything too extreme, because he now knows that this is the room where I call the police on him, lol.

As you can see, this description shows you how I may be counted among the living dead - even without my killer CFS and attendant dementia.

The inspiration to describe all this to you came from NPR, of course, which played a song. I really couldn't figure out the song. Why? Because of earplugs and everything else between me and the radio, which was not too loud anyway. I thought the song might actually be a duet between Morrissey and Bono! WTF?! The voices sounded too young for it to be a recent duet... What was this?

It was a song by Ryan Adams, and Ryan Adams alone: So Alive (2004 Ryan Adams song). You can go listen to this song and see if that's what it really sounds like. Thank you. Expressing myself has allowed me to dump one more tab.

I have been extremely sick lately. I have been fasting since Wednesday, and this will prolly go until Nov. 2. Fasting does help me, but going through it is hell. Massive brain probs/pain. The theory is that whatever tiny creatures are inhabitting me, they will starve off, somewhat. Supposedly, fasting beats the yeast that feasts on the treats I eats.

Insane man downstairs took advantage of my quiet resting, thinking I was asleep, and began stomping loudly again. Fortunately, I was just coming out of a severe phase, and was able to get up, turn up the radios, and do stuff in the kitchen, shutting him up for now. Bit by bit, I am alive again, but I'm not sure if I will be well enough to do much on Halloween. Emaciated as I am.

Rain is on the way. He always does this when rain is on the way. It has nothing to do with the barometer or the forecast. If both of these say it will rain and yet it does NOT rain in reality? Then there isn't a problem from him. It is some kind of primal, divine madness.  He is completely controlled by the weather of the future.

And. You know what? If you open your mind up to reality enough, you too can have my 101 wisdom, and be a successful rain-dancing shaman, SIMPLY BY OBSERVING STUPID HUMAN AND ANIMAL NATURE!

On NPR's, "American Roots," a homeless black man in New Orleans was interviewed, He talked about how he communicates with birds. He sounded crazy - crazy to most all of you dastardly fools. But I know what it means to communicate with birds. And, he said, that when the animals see and know that you are alone in the world, they come out and dare to talk to you. Animal talk. Feeling talk. Not English, of course. Lots of body language. I know this to be true. And animals also play pranks and conspire against enemies in the woods. Many of these are what spook people into believing in ghosts. Well, we'll stop there...

The guy also talked about something he called, "The White Mouse Planet," which sounds like the obverse of, "Fear of a black planet," Crazy crazy.

Some great live performances on NPR lately, including Amy Mann and Fiona Apple. Anyway, dude, you have no idea how my head hurts, and how the fatigue just keeps kicking me away from the computer. Hopefully, all this will be worth it.
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