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How is it that I have never heard of this guy? I took Latin, history, poetry, wise little snippets, and books in general. At the moment, I happen to be studying the ancient Celtic areas in what is today Spain and France, (etc). By coincidence, I come across this guy named, "Martial," who is a fellow Celt from ancient, "Spain." He wrote pithy little epigrams way before there was a twitter, and he moved to Rome to make comments on their bad hair, hypocrisy, and general rudeness, for which they paid him. He was a lazy cad, always in poverty, who cherished virtue, honesty, purity, and kids - and even made fart jokes. That sounds a lot like me! Although. I only accept money from the rich - (what money?!) - because I am seriously disabled. If I were a normal, healthy guy, I would be independent and successful, supporting throngs of prostitutes in thongs and long-nosed drunkards with their Donegal songs of toasting prawns on tongs while playing Pong and Donkey Kong. Then I'd end up in a reality show which makes me president. Wrong! Some guys have all the luck. The ones not yoked by Martial Law.  "Good God!"

He could have been a rapper. Could have been a Tribe Called Quest, Toad and the Wet Sprocket, or Chance the Grand Master.  But he lived in Roman times. His name was Martial, yo. Check this.

(For the ant, see Martialis heureka).

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