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Gluten Free Ramen Noodles?! Get Out!

Posted on 2017.10.28 at 13:52
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Brand of premium noodles in a cup in United Kingdom using freeze-dried ingredients. Certified low in sugar by Sugarwise and gluten free by Coeliac UK. Sold domestically and internationally online, through airlines and train lines and through digital vending machines (Noodle Kiosks).

Gourmet Oriental Rice Noodles in a Cup

Our noodles are unique because we use loads of freeze-dried ingredients. That makes a big difference to the taste and the quality of our nosh.

Most other noodles use the dehydrated stuff, making them taste artificial. Yuk! It also sucks the goodness out.  Freeze drying locks more of the goodness in, so they taste fresher and yummier, and are healthier.
They are also certified gluten-free...
and low in added sugar!

Vegan noodles available!

Low in sugar gluten free coeliac friendly

For those who have long opposed the craven religion of the, "Great God, Gluten", HERE IS THE SITE:

Mister Lee's!

Live humans exist:
Email us hello@mrleesnoodles.com
Phone us on +44 (0)1202 319 188

USA: Ken Mark: +1 226 820 4321 ken@mrleesnoodles.com

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