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Left Unsaid - the True Story/s

About a week ago, I was doing stuff in the kitchen. Meanwhile, I marvelled at how there was never really a problem with cockroaches this year. back when I bought the picnic table for the kitchen, a cockroach showed up on top of it. A few days later, so did another one. I sprayed and put up two roach motels, and didn't even bother to launch into my militant alternative of boric acid and diatomaceous earth. I tend to kill every cockroach I see, which I did with those two. And, there has never been a problem since then. Now that it is colder, and wet, the time for worrying is over.

Do you know what a roach motel is? It is a little box about 5" long, with open ends, and basically filled with a kind of flypaper glue inside, to trap the cockroaches.

So, I am marveling about no cockroaches, and I think, "Well, I've never checked the roach motels, have I?"

So, I start doing that. I look over to one roach motel, which is on my kitchen counter next to the stove, topped by a container containing can openers... And I see that the outer edge is kind-of frayed. "What is that about?"

I pick up the roach motel to check for roaches, and it is kind-of heavy. I look inside, and there is a MOUSE caught inside!

I don't know what to do immediately. It startled me, and I had this box with a mouse in it, and the mouse jumped out... I feel this is a learning experience for my dog, and so I hold it for my dog to smell, and the mouse is hanging there, with his tail caught inside the box. The mouse is screaming at my dog in tiny squeaks, while my dog is sniffing up at him, flailing around in space.

Then the mouse comes free, falls to the ground, and runs between my fridge and the counters. In that space, he runs into a broom's bristles, or whatever they are called. His ass was sticking out, and eventually he realised he had to get better cover, and he was gone.

I know that this guy had the most traumatic experience of his life. He stayed away for a while. Then, he nibbled away some cheese on a fresh trap, without setting it off. That's always good because they will go to the next trap more boldly. Which he did. He went to a trap that I had forgotten about, and which didn't even have any food on it, and he was history.

I hate killing anything, but this has to happen.

But, that was weird, all-of-the-sudden having a mouse problem completely out of the blue. This place has been mouse-free for at least a year.

Note - I guess this "Left Unsaid" post will end up being a series....
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