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Oh, Africa

As I have posted, at least a few years ago, the so-called USA is covertly involved militarilly in like 56 countries in Africa. Unfortunately, that is a given.

Whenever John McCain or Lindsey Graham says anything, it is usually backed up, (and paid for), by the military-industrial establishment. The only time McCain has resisted the GOP norm is when he turned against their healthcare revamp, because his Arizona is full of dying old people, and because he has brain cancer. I guess that makes him a maverick, huh? woohoo!

Graham's state is highly dependent on money from the Pentagon.

But, whenever BOTH of these guys come out and say the same thing, you can be SURE it has been scripted. Both of them are now saying that they had no clue that the USA was ever in Niger. THEY DEMAND ANSWERS! lol

Listen, these guys are at the top of the chain in national security matters. Nothing gets by them. They always know exactly what is going on. In September of 2016, there were countless news articles about the USA having a drone base in Niger. So, this stance they are taking now is complete bullcrap.

Scripted. How many other countries in Africa are we in? 55? They pull this shit to take our minds of of the bigger reality.

OMG - what were we doing in Niger in the first place?!

Spare me.

Anyway. The big story is this. We are the new coloniser of Africa for two reasons - one reason...

We are confronting the Chinese scheme there to gain resources.

For the same reason we're in Ukraine, we are aggressively establishing control of food resources.

ISIS has been a canard.
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