September 18th, 2021

pink floyd - dark side

the first wee whirlwinds of the fall

I seem to be pulling out of a bad 4-day relapse.  Crazy man downstairs appears to be away at his new apartment.  For tonight.    Who do you think I saw, sitting on the steps of the house next door, recently bought by A-hole Guy?  Nether Guy!  A-hole Guy has brought him back!  And I think he may be waiting to move back in downstairs, after this house changes hands.  They are all so crazed at preserving their fucked-up status quo.  A-hole Guy's who mission to acquire this house, and kick me out, may be partly due to revenge - over the Nethers having to leave, no matter that they were in fact the problem.  Anyway, as I came back to my porch with my dog, Nether Guy was no longer sitting on that porch, BUT, the three pittbulls in the back were now barking wildly.  I suspected that nether Guy went back there to let them out, knowing they would charge at my dog, so I took my dog inside, soon enough.  When N-Guy lived downstairs, he sent his own large pittbull creature after my dog, apparently nipping him on the butt, where mange  began a little while after that.  I am glad my dog will be out of here by Monday.
Cat in the Box!

Books for sale…

Between hard drive crashes, prep for starting radiation treatments and attempted car vandalism I thought I’d never get this list of books posted to try and sell. But, finally, here it is. This is only the beginning as I’ve made the decision to sell all my remaining comics collection. It’s time. Even though I still love them, I wouldn’t want Lee to be stuck dealing with all of them should anything happen to me. Life is fragile and can change in a heartbeat. Plus, between mounting med costs, needed home repairs we keep putting off and unexpected car repairs, we need the money more than I need to keep my many boxes of remaining comics.

So, here's my list. If you see anything you'd like, I can take PayPal at bstaton @, without the spaces. If you could make any payments Friends and Family that would be wonderful so they don't fee me to death. I can also take Venmo, my account is @ Barbara-Staton-2, without the extra space before my name. I'll just need shipping info from you so that I can calculate your shipping costs. I'm happy to provide any pictures you'd like to see of the books. I've always carefully stored my books boxed, most bagged and boarded. Their conditions range from Very FIne, VF/Near Mint to Near Mint Minus. My books still look brand new.

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Any help boosting this sale would be amazing. As always, thanks so much for listening.

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