September 5th, 2021

pink floyd - dark side

Never again is what you swore the time before.

Today was pretty much a wash, scrubbed, down the drain.  Carrying things here to over there, and vice versa, basically.  And throwing out a lot of stored food.  But, mainly, resting, because this was day 5 of the relapse.  I'll talk about how people just do not get it, later.

I will eventually post my views on abortion/choice at length, just to let you know.  Maybe after I move, maybe before.  I think you will be surprised and thoroughly confused.  I am not a liberal or conservative, not a social justice activist or a religious fanatic, not a feminist or masculinist, not a humanist or an existentialist, not a doctor or a profligate whore, although I play one on TV - I am an Entropist.  Not an absolutist or a relativist, but someone content with the double paradox of quantum reality.  Baby has a soul, everything has a soul, nothing has a soul, baby is an animal, baby is a crime statistic, baby is god, baby is here now, baby is gone tomorrow.  Just like you!

That's my post for tonight.  I am going to watch School of Rock.  Until that box of DVDs gets sold, I am going to watch adolescent movies, for the very last time.  I was a teenage drama queen.
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