September 3rd, 2021

pink floyd - dark side

It's raining cashews.

Got nothing done, as this was day 3 of relapse - the worst day.  I am just going to call it quits now.

After the A-hole Guy incident, I left a phone message for the owner, whom I have never called before.  He left me a message today, welcoming a discussion.  Today's CFS was too bad, so I just left a message telling him I would either call him tomorrow or send him a note.  I guess I'll post a copy of the inevitable letter.

It has been raining today, and the weekend begins.  I like that because people forget about me and I can relax, possibly.  But nothing will change the impending deadline, so I can only work work work whenever I am not sick sick sick.  I am so tired.  Goodnight.
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