July 16th, 2021

marx - groucho

Chris Plante, Dan Bongino, Mark Levin

Last night's movie was a part of the Trailer Park Boys series, a Canadian thing which went global, for some reason.  Countdown to Liquor Day.  There was a guy with coke-bottle glasses, which was a direct rip-off from Office Space.  The humour was a slow moving dud.  And people acted odd.  Because Canada is different.  Different, I think, not only from the USA, but from the rest of the world.  It's like what America would be - naive white people left to their own devices in the middle of nowhere - but without all the acrimony of slavery, war, religious-political ideology, and a bunch of other nonsense.  It's like Australia but without the poisonous snakes.

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Do your own research!
pink floyd - dark side

lawyers, guns and money - can't get us out of this?

Gavin Newsom has not been great for California, go figure. Never solved the poop problem in SF, so he thinks he can succeed as governor??

On the right, there are two unlikely contenders.  A black man.  And a transsexual.

We are living in a movie.

Oh, wait, these people actually have something to say.

Just like all those who are opposing woke curriculum in national schools.  People who are black, Syrian, Asian, Venezuelan, Cuban, Russian, Eastern European, and so on.  Because they know what totalitarianism is and they won't stand for it.  Unlike the mass of fat and ignorant Americans.