June 15th, 2021

spliff mon

Part 1 of whatever this is..

To be a writer, you should learn how to write, but, more importantly: you must learn about people.

This is why I took three majors at university: Psych; Poli Sci, and Int'l Studies.  I could use them towards writing, or end up working at the U.N.

I didn't take anthropology, as Vonnegut did.  I had a friend who did that.  Seriously, anthropology is something you can do while mowing.  If you know people, you know anthropology.

Another thing, if you want to be a writer: You must learn about how to get away from people.  Because, seriously, look at it this way: If a world of idiots wanted to contemplate itself, it would stop being idiots for just a smidgen.  It has no interest in doing that.  And, so - you must be that smidgen.  Taking a break from the wanton gossipy slings and arrows.  To write, you must escape that banality.