June 13th, 2021

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A very fatigued day.  This has been an oscillation between migraine and central deep fatigue, and it all stems from that incident that pissed off my amygdala three weeks ago.  My central brain just got burnt out, dehydrated, and inflamed.  The inflammation just persists.  It's a bugger.

Apparently, I have to take my dog to a vet, soon.  I don't know when or how, or how hot and humid it will be outside.  Dreading this.  (I lost a dog, walking her in 80 degree weather).  A full physical will be necessary, which would be great if they accept imaginary money.

I am sooo tired.  Got nothing done - except discovered, again, that getting WiFi installed here is just impossible.  They expect you to have a smart phone for their app, to be on some internet while simultaneously signing up, and to be able to view their video even though you are using Molasses Dial-Up.

My current internet is way too slow to use, at the moment.  So, I can only post this and be on my way, back to the Land of Nod.  Which will be disrupted by asshole downstairs BANGING when he thinks I am asleep.  No wonder my dog is now pissing inside.  It's disgusting that no one has done anything about this insane jackass.

I'll see if I can get online w/ Juno, which is faster than PPC.  Their email certainly is.  Monday or Tuesday, going to library, in theory.  Goodnight.
spliff mon

ur welcome

I see two LJ friends have posted after being away, so I am loading my friends page, so I can read those posts.  While that happens, I will mention a thought / hypothesis:

The two great graces for becoming a happier, fuller human being are: Generosity and Gratitude.  If you are depressed, go help the homeless, and soon you will appreciate what you've got, and you will feel so much better, because you helped people.  Gratitude, Generosity.  Hand in hand.  In life, in love, and in sex.  These are two major components of sex.  Have you noticed?  Imagine all the possibilities - the combinations - we can construct, up from this hypothesis: That the two life-saving graces are also fundamental to intercourse and orgasm.  Blasphemy, you say?  You mean of sex?  Anyway, this is an introduction to the idea.  You may sleep on it, dream on it, and maybe I will do a longer post later.  Or, maybe you will.  I'd be grateful if you were so generous.  You sexy sex monster.