June 4th, 2021

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When the walls...

Support for BLM is plummetting, as people see that it is a hate group, seeking power and employing mob and terrorist tactics.  This flight of trust, or of mere curiosity, began before the 2020 election, explaining why Trump picked up so many black and Hispanic votes.  People getting wise.  And the trend will only continue.  DNC Dems are aware of this and are trying to change their tune, (as they are doing on coronavirus), but you can see them fumbling.  When truth comes out of the mouths of babes, or of Tik Tok adolescents, then you know that the future, the vote, is not on your (Dem's) side.  But, the Dems are so invested in racist, divide-and-conquer identity politics, as exemplified by the Chicago's mayor banning of white press members from interviews*, I don't think they are going to learn their lesson without a real hard fall.  *(Note: Judicial Watch law suit has been filed).

Video of Black Dad and Daughter Dismissing Critical Race Theory Viewed 700k Times

This video went viral after it was referred to by a Congressional candidate. The dad and daughter have been making TV news show appearances, etc., since then.
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But have they registered to VOTE?!

Sorry, 'busy' justifying my disability status.  So, in dispose all day.  Just checking in with one comment.

I graduate of Land of Nod University, I have always maintained that it was a certainty that there was life elsewhere in the universe - and beyond: intelligent life.  Listening and reading about UFOs, for many years, I concluded that it may not be probable, but there is a fair possibility that alien life is wheeling and careening through our atmospheres, defying the laws of physics as we know them.  Not so sure about the Greys, and abductions, and so on, all of which remain hypotheses.  But early readers of my journal may remember that I believed that aliens are possible, and the subject should be treated seriously.  There just has been too much good evidence that high strangeness has been afoot, for centuries or more.

Now a government report, (innitiated by Trump, I think), (late June), says pretty much the same thing: No evidence for aliens, but plenty of evidence of high strangeness.  That's a small step in the right direction, for Mankind.  What we don't if this defiance of physics is exercised by aliens, China, Russia, as-yet-unknown psycho-geological phenomena, just plain psychic nonsense, the Angels and Devils, or what have you.  Sorry I didn't use semicolons but I am tired.  I am also an Alien.  Not even a citizen.  And always on the border.

Anyway, another thought is this: It's OK to imagine the 'conspiracy theory' that aliens on Earth are possible - but it is BANNABLE if you imagine that SARS-2 escaped from a lab, or was weaponised, or was funded by our money - which, why the hell does China need anything from us, fcol?!  And it's White Supremacist to imagine that January 6 was not the Second Coming of Lucifer, paling in comparison to the hundreds of riots held across the country by Antifa/BLM/etc., killing and injuring hundreds and causing $2 billion of property damage.  And it is TABOO to imagine that there was NOT Russian collusion with Trump - although there was with the Biden's and Clinton's.  And so on.  I'm tellin' ya.  If you're looking for aliens, they're all right there in WDC.