June 2nd, 2021

spliff mon

Leaves of Grass, Mon

I have had a killer migraine, which became a pressure migraine today, and was unable to do much of anything.  But, I did decide to call F&F, to make sure there really were no mowers at the local store.  I ended up buying one by phone, which was a lot easier than having to think anymore.  Again, I got a girl who was entranced by my voice - now even more pillow-talkish because of my relapse, and so they delivered the mower a day early.  I had to lug it inside while in my robe.  I'm sorry of anyone might have made suggestions about mowers, because I already bought one.  Thanks, though, if you did.  I wanted a mulcher, plus a bagger for when dandelions are going to seed, etc.  The one I bought looks pretty good - a fair sized engine, and reviews gave it 5 stars.  So.  Maybe, one day, I'll end up mowing lawns, and will recoup the $300 investment after 30 jobs.  The main thing was: Buy now before the INFLATION, and buy quality.  I like supporting F&F, which is regional, plus the mower was made in America.  Score, hey?!


From email to LL:
The lawn may not have to be cut until Sunday or Monday. I am letting it sit through the dry heat, while the clover goes to seed. Clover is a legume, and manufactures food for the grass. It is the best thing ever. Here is how clover ranks against some other plants:

1 - Very good: Clover
2 - Good: Grass
3 - Neutral: Violets
4 - Bad: Dandelions
4.5 - Badder: Crabgrass
5 - Very Badder: Garlic Mustard