June 1st, 2021

spliff mon

i want a place where i can have goats doing the mowing

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Computer/net turned out to be insanely slow, so I haven't moved on the mower yet. Question: Should I get a self-propelled mower? (If I do, it will be used). My concern is that the movement can't be controlled? I'll get one that mulches. It would be nice to have a bag, but they can limit one's steps, which would be endlessly annoying. Any comments/suggestions on lawn mowers?

A package will be delivered tomorrow - must wait for it. So, logistics still up in the air.

PS - THE most retarded site was LJ - I don't know why that is. As I did other things, the wheel just spun and spun, ad infinitum, and cookies weren't even being set. So, it is just by some freak abnormality that I am able to log in and post now.