December 14th, 2020

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Las Guevedocas

The extraordinary case of los Guevedoces..

Catherine and his cousin Carla, Guevedoces in the Dominican Republic

Johnny, once known as Felicita, remembers going to school in a little red dress, though he says he was never happy doing girl things...

"I never liked to dress as a girl and when they bought me toys for girls I never bothered playing with them - when I saw a group of boys I would stop to play ball with them."

When he became obviously male he was taunted at school, and responded with his fists.

"They used to say I was a devil, nasty things, bad words and I had no choice but to fight them because they were crossing the line."

Full Article HERE
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Besieged by frontal/etc. migraines and severe fatigue since Saturday, at least.  Coincidentally, that was the same day Crazy man pulled another BANG and disturbed my sleep/schedule.  Did take a bath in anticipation of going to Walgreens, but no way - maybe tomorrow.  Also got a tiny amount of tidying done.  Expect to do handwashing laundry soon.  Need to stay home in case a package comes, which will be stolen unless I catch it.  Goodnight.

(NOTE to self: Before a few good days around weds/thurs, there was a long run of heavy fatigue days -7? - also migraines?)