December 7th, 2020


Something I have been really thinking about is karma. But not how karma is simply a return on the investment of good things you do for people. The people who explain karma think that this is actually false. Karma is more of a manifestation of where you put yourself in your life. It kind of makes sense. If I am messy all of the time, I constantly get frustrated that I lose my things, or things are unclean. If I hang out with a group of mean people who punch down, they can eventually do something to me. If I don't date with the intent of finding someone compatible, I end up with someone who will inevitably make me feel hollow. Karma is not some weird fairy that grants you outcomes, it's more of a choice.
shineon snow

How to make the changes we desperately need

Criminalizing poverty, applying morality to social issues, trying to “fix society’s ills” with anger, shame, aggression, DOES NOT WORK.
If we, as a culture, society, nation, seek to solve the problems, we need to meet basic human needs. Meeting basic needs is required.