October 8th, 2020

gaga line-up

Girls I Missed - Part the ONE

I am not posting anything much now, as my day has been baaaad.  All I'm going to do is start off my series about females I have flouted.  Why I've done this has had many reasons.  Innocence or fear.  Girl be ugleh.  Illness.  Wiseness.  Too cool.  Worried about my impending tragic future.  Or just nothing much.

We shall begin this series with a young woman who owned a hippie-type store in downtown Ye Olde City.  I was trying to get support for my nonprofit, which meant to help people with fatigue illnesses, and also build mini parks to let inner city people enjoy and respect nature.  This mission was sometimes diverted, by females, CFS, or angry neighbours.

This young woman took a sexual interest in my ambition and liberal hipness.  She soon moved her store to a giant place downtown, which harboured the wares of individual vendors, offered simple food, and held music events.  She became quite well-known, all the way to the hipsters on the East Side.  I visitted her and her pals there every once in a while, because I believed in what they were doing, although I told her I didn't like the name, because, "It reminds me of a bear tinkling in the forest."  I made two mix CD's for her to play there, one to do with religion and one to do with sex.  They were satire.  small_handfuls has a copy of one or both of these.

I returned, one day, to see how they liked them, and they really liked them.  So, we chatted at the 'bar' for a while.  The young woman said she had some pot, and the next thing we knew we were headed to a back room, along with her hairy boyfriend, while another friend asked, "what just happened?!" behind us.

The room was large, dark and painted in psychedelic colours.  We smoked the pot.  I hadn't smoked pot for quite a while, so I was thinking I might get paranoid.  Anyway, she invited me to sex with her and her boyfriend, and I said no, even after she asked if I wanted her bf to leave.  What a modern new age woman.  But, she had the face of some kind of small animal you might encountre in the woods.  So, I wasn't really as up to having sex with her as my glorious cloak of hubris might have intimated.  Besides, I had CFS, and I wasn't sure about doing pot in a social situation, or becoming a longer-term partner, or of mixing business with pleasure, or sleeping with a rodent, or so on.

So, that was that.  We drifted apart, and she got a seat on the City Council.  She was officially an important person.  And I had squandered my brush with fame.