September 18th, 2020

marx - groucho

THEN AND NOW - Part One: Communism

I once read a good deal of Marx & Engels, and found it very compelling, and enlightening.  Sociologically and economically.  Like Freud, Marx introduced new ideas which could be turned around, analysed, applied elsewhere, etc.  I have also read Hegel, who was a big favourite of mine, as well as Transcendentalists and Existentialists from both sides of the Pond.  My stance was that true Communism had never really been tried, and so had never really succeeded.

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Note: For new readers. This post is one of my, "theme posts," and is part of a series. I usually write about cosmical ideas related to physics, time or consciousness. I have been to out of sorts in recent months to put my mind to such nonsense. You can find more of my (theme post) series by scrolling down in my tags to "s-", (or search separate topics).