September 5th, 2020

tiny dog go bark bark


Out with the dog, 6:pm, we notice a new dog yelping for attention.  A little later, the girl with the gruff voice brings out a dog, first into the fenced yard, then to the front yard of a vacant house.  Young black-(over-brown) German Shepherd.  No leash.  She was trying to have him/her fetch, but he/she always stole the ball away - a common problem.  Did she have this new dog - was she displaying this play - because she was competing with me?  Or just sharing life?  Or just nothing to do with me?  Coming home yesterday, I heard loud rap music coming from her house.  I don't know if she's with a black guy or if the place is now divided into apts.  Ergo, I don't know if she's trying to get my attention.  Whatever.  I don't like girls with gruff voices because they are billy goats in bed.

So - I cooked up all three pizzae!  First added tomato, red bell pep, and spices.  NO problem with a soggy GF crust this time, but it's either that or it's burnt, like today.  Tolerable.  The BBQ chicken pizza was a wee bit too rich and sweet for me.  I can see anyone getting sick of that before too long.  But it is my Labor Day treat.  I almost never give the dog treats aft 6:pm, but he pulled my heart strings.  What's terrible is that it seems he always ends up doing #3 aft he eats only a little GF crust, but he goes crazy for pizza.  This is more a carry-over from when he was younger, and I gave him a pretty good share of my non-GF pizza, plus beer once or twice.  This dog has so little in his life to cherish, so he still clings to pizza.  So, what can I do?  I'm sure he's like a little of the BBQ chicken pizza but I never give him sugary things.  Anyway, we have a tonne of dog treats all stored up.  Just in case there is an EMP.  We can use them to barter for pizza.

Dogs Part 2