July 28th, 2020

* - Elephant of Life

Cannot get a break around here.

Trying to accomplish things.  Yet another incursion by A-hole Guy interferes.

I have told you about a lot of people in this area.  Most of them are cowards, e.g., of my dog.  But when, after 7 years, they realise my dog is harmless, so they walk by defiantly and ever so bravely, acting like they are badass.  And many of the blacks around here have a thing about pushing whites around, something I don't stand for, personally.  One of the main jerks, who lives two houses down, and owns a house or two to the side of this house, is A-hole Guy, who suffers from extreme jealousy or hate towards me, and has been on a campaign to force me out of the neighbourhood, ever since I moved here.  He is associated with the Nethers.  Today, after being noodle-whipped by a police officer on my behalf, he sent yet another mower over here, to trespass on this property.

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I might send this letter later, or not.  Do you think I should.  Things just get worse if people keep letting BS slide.

Also, I am supposed to get around to maybe thinking about possibly suing the LL for the abuse that has occurred against me. I am disabled, and this is known to her, the man downstairs, and others. She actually chose to sleep, rather than open my apartment, causing me to be outside in sub-zero weather, for 21 hours. This, along with the sleep-schedule disruption, caused me severe difficulties for my health for some time. I need to mention this, etc., to SSA, as well.

Also, I don't know why certain jerkwads seem drawn to messing with me. One reason is that they feel so invested in their little groups, ergo money, whilst I wander about independently. The more I mind my own business, they more they seek to trip me up. I believe they are all demented closet homosexuals.

Get woke to CHINA!

Even though he is pro-violence, I do listen to Hal Turner, at times. He was once a member of the CIA, or something. He gives out information on military movements, which turn out to be true. He also speculates, which I am fine with listening to. Listening to a wide diversity of conspiracy theories can actually be very helpful, if one is also astute to other info and ideas.

Two or three weeks ago, he gave out the information that people were receiving packets of seeds, in the mail, from China. For no apparent reason. Turner had more information, which was ore theory-like, as to why China was sending these seeds to Americans, which I will get to later. I searched online, and found only one account of this happening, which was credible. However, you maybe know that people receive dud packages from Amazon, etc., in the mail, for no reason. And one of these senders has been China. Really for no reason other than they are getting rid of surfeit product, or making delivery mistakes. But - on the other hand - maybe these seeds were meant to destroy USA crops?!

Turner had said he was certain that the mainstream media would report on this "conspiratorial" activity. Why? Because the seeds posed damage to our crops, and the Dept. of Agriculture needed to warn people not to plant the seeds. Sure enough, a week or so later, a report came out from various sources, about the seeds, with a warning to contact the D.O.A. should anyone receive these seeds.

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"Seeing as our country has been trashed by companies and jobs moving to China, which exerts control and unfair trade, we have little need of construction equipment, you should know. But, hey, got any more lead-tainted toys, low-quality steel or hyper-contagious viruses? Just what we need!"

War with China becoming a 'practical reality', warns Chinese military.

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