July 27th, 2020

Pacific Sunfish

One of the great mysteries of the open ocean, is the giant sunfish.
These creatures dive to incredible depths and navigate the world's oceans on a grand scale. However, many people have never seen one. Let alone what one looks like as a juvenile. At times the closest one comes to seeing one face to face, is after storms or large natural disasters. When they wash ashore on the coastline.
Recently, researchers have now taken an interest into the lifecycle of the sunfish. With some surprising finds. Including a rare photograph of a young larval stage sunfish for the first time. Revealing the miniature beginnings of one of the worlds largest fish species.

Photo: Sunfish, National Geographic

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I need some help

I'm asking for some help, here, and I'm sorry to have to do it. I know things are tight for everyone right now.

My monthly insurance premium is due by COB 7/28, and I still owe $369. If it's not paid by then, my policy will be cancelled. I'm also a month behind on electric ($94), and two months behind on water ($85).

Total needed: $548

I have Paypal; you can send it to kgasper@comcast.net

Or, if anyone banks with Chase, you can do a Quick Transfer to the same email address.

Any help at all would be very welcome, and most appreciated, and please feel free to share this wherever.

Many thanks <3

Facebook has blocked Dreamwidth

I discovered, about an hour ago, that all of my posts on Facebook which were links to Dreamwidth had vanished. Suddenly gone as if they'd never existed.

I checked with Denise (one of the owners of Dreamwidth) to find out if she knew about it, and discovered that Facebook have stuck Dreamwidth on a block list.

With no explanation as to why, no way to contact them, and no appeal.

This is unbelievably frustrating. And the kind of centralised, autocratic, opaque decision making which I loathe. Tens of thousands of active users, unable to share blog posts with Facebook (which, let's face it, is where most of my friends go for their socialising).

If anyone knows anyone who works at Facebook, do see if you can prod them into getting an explanation...

Edit: All working fine now.
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