June 29th, 2020

HOUSE - oh god

Famous cases

Here are some forensic pathologists, i.e., coroners, who worked at various historical crime scenes.  Some of these crimes had things in common, and more than one of them was a bit muddled.  For example, people still are not satisfied with the judgements made concerning the death of JFK.  Can you spot what some of these coroners did wrong, or right?  All of them have at least one thing in common.  Collapse )

* OK.  Before you start googling, can you guess as to what all these coroners have, or had, in common?  At least in how they conducted their study, or etc.?  Hmmm?...
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The FM station I now listen to often plays the normalised, sanitised, un-danced versions of the rave songs I once enjoyed on WCPT.  "Just Dance!"  "We Found Love."  "Can't Get You Out of My Head."  "Poker Face."  And, there's this 2019 song which the station like so much that they play it almost every hour: "Circles."