June 20th, 2020

Raven Style

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Compassion must come freely and not forced. Life is full of injustice and people understand this but a society can not push compassion or A push back is what happens. This is how wars begin. You can only have compassion if there is forgiveness first. A need for compassion a want. Yet, when met with anger and hatred, yes, hatred compassion will be sparse and the end of civilization will be a United voice saying, "No more!"

Sammy's healing slowly, old guy that he is. He's feeling much better... CJ and Mommy wubs him so. Were sleeping on the couch. 2am as we fell asleep about 6pm. Think we might curl up and snooze some more. Sammy isn't allowed on the couch without one of us now so I removed his steps which accessed the couch.