June 16th, 2020


fanning the flames of a growing cultural divide

Portland protesters topple statue of Thomas Jefferson, father of the Declaration of Independence, as culture war heats up (VIDEO)

To quote a person I need to drop: "Good for them. Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner-- he didn't really believe that "all men were created equal."

Such selfish ignorance.  Next, it will be the churches.  More mass shootings.  You Americans are out of your minds.  You are being manipulated.  You don't know the hell you are unleashing.  Flash mobs will turn to pogroms, defunding will turn to militarisation, and Scarlet Letters will haunt you through your smartphones.  You don't believe a statue of Jefferson should be destroyed?  Then you are a racist!

There is more to this than people demanding justice.  There is more to this than fighting racism.  There is more to this than black racism and violence.  There is more to this than a Maoist campaign to symbolically obliterate history.  Many blacks have been killed because of this.  Over twenty cops.  Innocent people.  Statues of civil rights leaders and black soldiers have been torn down.  There is more to this than a mask of insanity.  There is more going on than you probably realise.  I keep getting drawn back to write this out.  But not now.  Recovering from last two days, so tired, and yet tomorrow morning would be best time to go to Walgreens.  I need a day off.  We need a holiday.