March 31st, 2020

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Keep LJ Alive

Here are LJ places where you can post your photography, to the best of my knowledge.  Almost all of them are presently active!  If you know of others, please let me know...

naturesbeauty - 'Share the beauty of nature through photos and art'



world_tourist - 'Seeing the world'

photographers - 'Photographers sharing their imageS'


behind_the_lens - 'For the love of photography'

abandonedplaces - 'capturing the beauty and character of everything abandoned'

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I might do a few more of such posts. Please hit your "share" button and pass along!
* - Elephant of Life

'Personal responsibility'.

I had a micronap, and then woke up w/ another manifestation of my illness, won't go into.  The point is, I keep getting knocked down over and over again, leaving little time left to get anything done.

I took care of palstics today, reducing them to three bags ready to go.  A little time on computer - but, once again, it became insanly slow.  So, I rebooted, and once again it didn't restore my session.  Had to again regroup via History.  This is happening more and more, takign up more and more time.

I need to figure out how to move; I need to pack; I need to move; I need to write my doctor; I need to write other letters; I need to get a new green card; etc., etc., etc.  NO TIME.

My dog has had a problem with ear mites.  I tried treating it but it keeps coming back.  It's only one ear.  He keeps shaking his head and fur, which is annoying.  Today, outside, I noticed that ear was slightly flopped down.  Normally, Akita ears are perked to a strong point.  So, i sat down, and checked it out.  I felt a lump the size of an egg yolk.

It has happened before, that he gets a serious issue precisely at a time I NEED him not to.  Now, it is during this pandemic.  I cringe even when I walk him down the sidewalk - I REALLY do not want to walk him to the vet.  Virus on the sidewalk, from passer-byes, from people and pets at the vet.  And just when I am trying to find a day to go shopping - after which, my CFS requires me to rest for a week.

I don't know how urgent this is.  Maybe it is a cancer.  Maybe it is inflammation due to him scratching it - which he doesn't do much.  I hugged him after I saw it.  Always, this pain keeps following me, grabbing at my heals, and there it goes - another loss.  Another lost life and love all for the want of time.