March 25th, 2020

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I removed two trojans, and yet my computer is still on the blink. The wheels on my browser just spin, so every time I go to a new page, the only way I can read it is I log off. Log on, log, off, log on, log off... over the course of hours - is not my idea of getting anything done. So, I am going to try for sleep again. Woke up at 2:am last night, and that was pretty much me done for the night, sleeping. Had to sleep today in the afternoon. Just getting to the point where I can trek is pretty almost-impossible. Now it is raining for a few days. Maybe I should just wait 'til next month - more money to spend. Must take dog out soon, and then its back to bed. Probably.

Package arrived from F&F. Letting it sit for a few days.