March 22nd, 2020

* - Elephant of Life

New Name and Mission!

The community, "cancernaturally", now has a new name: healthy_planet!

The mission is being expanded.  We will talk about natural remedies, for cancer, other illnesses, and general health.

We will also talk about healthy eating, living, and relationships - for a better society.

And we will talk about what we can do to build a better environment for all species.

I want us to look at the connexions between our health and behaviour with that of the global system of nature.  I see manufacturers of gluten-free or organic foods wrapping their product in lots of unrecycleable plastics, or not listing the recycling codes.  I see environmental causes neglecting their impact on certain people's health.  The companies that actually show concern about recycling seem to put out toxic products.

So, this is still a community about personal health, including dealing w/ cancer, etc., but will also be looking at the planet in the same sense.  What natural remedies can we come up to address it's own illnesses?

Please consider adding these other communities:

anti_viral - New community.  Feelings and thoughts about the present COVID-19 crisis.  Also other viral concerns.

w_a_r_m_i_n_g - Climate change isn't going away.  It's a reality, and it's time to get real.

crisis_911 - For those in distress.  For those who want to help those in distress. And news about emergencies.
ME - HeadBed

baby ya gotta live

I did a LJ search for "corona" and found a few journals.  The first one had made a post two hours earlier.  I saw that she liked the Pixies, etc., so I figured I'd invite her to my music community.  Between the time I first found this journal, a nd the time I invited her - a matter of seconds - she had deleted her journal!  I don't know what that means - it's just weird.  Weird things are happening.  What made her delete at the same time everyone is at home and online?

I had a dream a few nights ago.  I was in Australia and everything was safe and wonderful.  Really wide footpaths.  My impossible insomnia, evoked via crazyman+LL months ago now, is keeping awake at night, and sleeping in the day.  My only hopeful cure is to sleep as much as I can until it reverses.  Stopped drinking my decaff coffee a few days ago.

And this is one reason why I am wondering if I can trek to stores soon.  Goodwills is surely closed by now.  The main thing is the risk of COVID-19.  Have to take cab home.  Game-theory dilemma only gets worse: Don't go, and risk running out of food; or go now before it might be too late.  This crisis may actually go on for over a year.

While it is possible I had COVID-19, which is why I've had unusual brain fog - also had a dry cough, etc. - it's not possible I have it now. So, I can't infect other people presently.

My LL is still posting apartments for rent.  Who would be crazy enough to move right now, and do you want such crazy people as tenants?  Selfish.  I am considering not taking my dog along the sidewalk anymore, as he licks everything.  But people are probably still walking and spitting through my yard.  Although, where do they have to go?  More on this topic of selfishness, etc., later.