March 5th, 2020

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It always feels better after I have logged into my bank and adjusted all my bills to be paid for the month.  (It took three hours to log in this time).  Paid my credit card, utilities, etc.  Extra expenses for this month: $24 for dog registration, and, $31 for being locked out of house.  But, because I no longer repay a loan, I now have about $55/mo extra per month these days, so it's a wash.  Treading water.  Might spend a little extra when I shop, maybe today.  And who would have known we could have a rise on Wall Street and a run on toilet paper simultaneously?  I currently have ten, but might as well buy more, because one day we will be using it as currency.
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Can you help me with this?

I am raising money to help pay for my surgery.

If you can donate, that's great, but I need people to share my link. The more this gets shared, the more likely I will get the funds I need. I got my rent covered, but there's no way I can pay this huge hospital bill. Share here or on Facebook or whatever social media you're on these days.

My GoFundMe page


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