February 10th, 2020

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Terrifying climate change map shows all the places in Edinburgh that will be underwater by 2050

NOTE: Here's an illustrated article on the future of Edinburgh, Scotland. Much of it will be gone in 30 years. That's not normal, as far as I can recall. Displacement of settled areas, because of global warming, is happening all over the world, from Miami, to Jakarta, to islands in the Pacific, to Alaska, and Louisiana, and so on... But, that is just the settled areas, settled by humans. We really tend not to look at the encroachment of the sea upon less 'civilised' areas, where there are displacements or destructions to plant, fish and animal species, including those that are important to our cherished human consumption. And, sea displacement is not the only climatic issue threatening Edinburgh, and so many other places. What else is on the agenda? Floods. Weird tornadoes. Droughts. Disruptions to municipal water, food, and electricity. Freak hurricanes. Ice storms. Things do not look fair, for humane and civilized Edinburgh, one of the prime birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution. Ironic? Not at this point.

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