January 27th, 2020

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Manic Depression 3

I am in the binge, baby.  So long as my health holds out, I am writing letters 'til the cows cross the road.  [Pause: Here is a riddle...  What does this refer to?  "We are able to throw a cow into the air by merely sitting at a table with a glass of Chablis!"  End of riddle].  I am finally setting right some of the harm that has been done to me over the years here, by complaining every which way.  Such as: Letters to:

Cub Foods corporate
The Police x 2
at least one doctor
possibly the local cab and bus companies
the local mayor
eventually, when I move, the local newspaper
a lawyer about the guy downstairs
legal groups concerning injury from finasteride and RoundUp
the CFS group/newsletter in Chicago
can't even remember -  but I need to complete this list for my own memory
The Governor

In the mean time, after having written to the 'LL' and the owner of this house, I am now digging up things I wrote in LJ about the crazy man downstairs - compiling them.

That's where you come in...  I thought you might like to look at an old post of mine which relates to the current series on BIPOLAR, which discusses both narcissism and the 'existential bias' - the latter which was referenced in Prt 2 or said series.  Interestingly, it also discusses something I commented to someone yesterday, regarding narcissism in a relationship, etc.  So, here ya go, right here -

ESCAPE TO NARCISSISM - https://madman101.livejournal.com/1923006.html

(i am tired as fuck)
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Here is some of the info I compiled on Crazy Man, from past entries in this journal.  Most of these are not full entries.  Just a compilation of relative stuff.  It is clear that there were even earlier entries than the first 2016 entry info included here - but they were not tagged.  Hopefully, all the text will fit in this single post - we shall seee....

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This info has been compiled for posting in an alternate journal. Notice that the aggressions from this man have extended from the day he moved in, to the present day. Observe several earlier posts in which I report Crazy Man banging, slamming or stomping, etc., between 1:am and 2:am, in order to awaken me. (I often was awakened, with a pounding heart, and consequent CFS repercussions). Well, contrast this with his shouting and swearing about me shovelling now, at around that time of night, quietly and far away from his bedroom window. That HE should be blaming ME, when this was all I could do to get away from his attacks!! - OK - let's see if this post works./..