January 8th, 2020

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Selig?? Cromwell? Wtf??

There is a lot of history behind Zoe Kazan, namely, Kazan.  So, that is all very interesting to research.

But there is this forgotten film, named, "Kazan," 1921, starring a bunch of Radissons, which I also find intriguing.  In the film, Kazan is a special dog.  This film was made back when dogs, like Rin Tin Tin, and the cold New Frontier, were all the rage.

However, if you look at the Wiki page, it kinda looks like this 1921 movie was based on a 1949 novel.  Wut??
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Have You EVER???

Have You Ever???

This memie 'poll' is meant to goad you into making a post about all  the dangerous things you have attempted or confronted...  Have you ever...

- eaten a fish out of a tank?
- painted yourself blue?
- yelled, "Pig!" at a White House policeman?
- climbed out on a high tree branch?
- hiked through a Superfund site?
- quit your job, esp. in a funk?
- fought back at a bully?
- smoked or eaten something you found on the street?
- pointed a loaded gun at your head and pulled the trigger?
- walked way out into the ocean
- flashed a camera in a pitch dark cave full of blinded tourists?
- made a hike between cities?
- slept overnight on a cold pile of branches?
- stood up for what you believed in?
- drove on a mountain road almost too small for your car?
- broke into a zoo in the middle of the night?
- headed towards an angry barking dog?
- ingested brain or sex altering drugs?
- made a crank call to someone dangerous?
- ate a snail in the woods?
- sat alone in the woods while perfectly high?
- called a national radio talk show?
- headed into a gang of thugs who recently attacked you?
- spoke lovingly to an angry animal?
- went up in a small airplane flown by a teenager?
- smoked pot onstage in a theatrical production?
- mocked high-school teachers with a newspaper column and drawings?
- drank uncleansed water from a stream?
- had sex with someone you just met from a LD relationship?
- drove drunk
- had very unconventional sex?
- tried mushrooms, pot, cocaine, speed, and whatever?
- lived in a cave?
- been electrocuted?
- been bitten by an animal?
- broken at least one bone?
- incurred food poisoning?
- received a concussion?
- walked in a dangerous area at night?
- ended a relationship?
- been followed by gooney creeps?
- had sex with no, or a broken, condom?
- been stung by a bee or something?
- gone to the emergency room?
- carried a weapon?
- put your thoughts and heart on the line, online?
- posted crazy sex pictures of you online?
- been a jerkwad troll?
- been punched in the face?
- been messed with, big time?
- stolen something at the store when you were young?
- been tailgated by assholes?
- driven through flood-waters at high speed?
- driven into a large pile of plowed snow at high speed?
- been ticketted for speeding?
- been arrested for drunk-driving?
- been unarrested for drunk-driving?
- scaled cliffs on a school outing?
- dangled suspended from a loft onstage?
- fell off your front porch?
- eaten something that really frightened you?
- walked like a maniac through traffic?
- written a letter that could have gotten you into trouble?
- travelled through wilderness full of bears, etc.?
- announced that you are gay, etc., or alternative to your family's religion?
- written something that might change your life for the worse?
- defied the wishes of your parents or society?
- gotten so drunk you could have died, somehow?
- eaten wild plants that you had no idea might have killed you?
- been intimate with a person who was intent on destroying you?
- walked through a stream filled with Glyphosate?
- spent years evading a warrant for your arrest?
- took a stand that all of society despised?
- been caught making out on a church alter - by the minister!
- almost died from food-poisoning?

Well, you guessed it: All these things apply to yours truly.  I am sure I could come up with a lot more instances of me in danger.  Really, it would take a post to do the subject justice.  That is why I am looking forward to reading what danger you have encountered in your own lives, yeah?  OK, yeah.

I just want to say this.. I appreciate anyone who has taken risks, or confronted danger. I DO NOT CARE what political stripe they may be. These are people, in conversation with insane reality, and I love them all. I would just ask my readers - to please take the same compassion towards others from the political right, or the political left. You are naive in not seeing how individuals sign aboard for whatever stripe. There is always humanity in it, so do not deny.