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My competence is declining with a migraine. And, so, this is the last post I am conjuring for you...

If you can make yourself feel full, then you eat less. Eating the least amount possible will make you healthy and live longer. It might even get you on the cover of Vogue.

First of all, let me tell you how I have been improving my health lately. I have been battling the evil biota in my innards, which I think came from a girl, (figure it out), because it is at the base of all my CFS probs. (More on this later).

Knowing that cooked oatmeal, (porridge), coats the innards in a healthy manner, I started back up on a porridge regimen. Mind you, I quit this regimen a few years ago, because it was making me bonkers. I don't know if it was insipid gluten, or the carbs, or something else mixed in with cereal.

Listen, even after I started back up on this regimen, I was lying in bed, one early morning, and my head started spinning like a washing machine - in one direction - in the WRONG direction. It was horrible. That is just not supposed to happen after you wake up. This was serious. I don't know if the oatmeal was encouraging this amplification of my symptoms, but, I pushed ahead, and things started to get better!

Here's what I did... One serving each morning, one serving at the end of the day. In each serving was 1/2 old fashioned oats, and 1/2 a combination of steel-cut oats, cornmeal, diatomaceous earth, and other GF stuff. I am loving it. A little salt and I am in heaven. Believe it or not, I am resurrecting my hot cereal mix from 2013, of which there remains a lot. 2013 was back before the luxury of, "food stamps."

That being said, now, on to the topic: Cooked oats are something that can really coat your stomach, and make you feel full. I think everyone knows that! They are also full of fiber. So, it would be smart to follow them with probiotics, in supplements, in fermented veggie juice, in sugar-free yogurt, etc.

In the past, I have posted on ways to lose weight. Seek via tags, under health or food. Some surprising weight-losers are sugar-free chocolate, apple cider vinegar, green tea, and coconut oil.

Why coconut oil? Possibly because it is full of ketones, discouraging carb consumption. It is also said that coconut oil makes you feel "full," or less like eating. I take one half a teaspoon each morning, with other things, like turmeric.

What else can make you feel full, in addition to oats and coconut oil? Well, I eat a lot of sunflower seeds, and they work like a charm. I really promote them far and wide. Save money, eat sunflower seeds!

What else? Not potatoes, or pasta, or fruit, or other carbs! Not meat so much, but maybe beans and nuts. Green veggies are always good, although they are not at the top of the list of things that will make you feel full. Mainly, you want to go with FIBER.

Do NOT try to feel full with Ramen Noodles. I have learnt from personal experience that Ramen Noodles are an attempt by aliens to undermine our collective digestive tract. Ramen Noodles are so toxic and void of nutrition, and I WEEP when I meet any person trying to survive them, as I once did. It's a trap. It can eventually kill you, as it kills me.

Ramen noodles supplanting cigarettes as currency among prisoners

Instead, consider mushrooms!

Feel fuller, longer with mushrooms

Fasts are also a good thing. I am considering going on another fast soon. After about 3 days, you stop pining so much for food. It's really healthy for your body, babies! Fasts are a way you can shake your innards out of scheduled habits of expecting to be filled up by whatever. Fasts help you reset your metabolism, in a good way. I believe in them, and yet this does not mean that I am a Jew or a Christian or a New Age freak or anything else. Sorry to disappoint ya'lls. As you know, I am a Buttist. I always walk around with my butt completely exposed, and I am always saying, "But THIS!" and, "But THAT!"

One must never forget about spiritual fullness! Otherwise, you might try to eat the universe just to become one with the OVERSEEING ALL.


meowmensteen at 2017-10-22 22:04 (UTC) (Lien)
I still crack up every time I hear than new Tribe Called Quest song called We The People. They have this one line:
When we get hungry we eat the same fucking food.
The ramen noodle!

I love oats. I'll take oats over ramen any day. I wonder if I'm ruining the goodness by adding some brown sugar?
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2017-10-22 22:41 (UTC) (Lien)
Tribe Called Quest is a great band!

I actually have a deep romanticism for ramen noodles! I ate them a lot, in my early existential pathetic days! I LOVE RAMEN NOODLES! lol

But they are really bad.

Maybe try to love the salty sort of oats, yeah? I think sugar in anything is demonic in a very personal way. I have added just cinnamon to oats, with salt, and it works out just swell.

In case you might not know, cinnamon is the best common thing to use when you want to fight against problems of blood sugar caused by sugar itself. That is why sweet Danishes, etc., have evolved to have cinnamon. That's why we love them both together. So, even if you don't drop the brown sugar, which YOU SHOULD, at least you should add cinnamon...


but i don't care
meowmensteen at 2017-10-23 00:43 (UTC) (Lien)
I will. Sometimes when I get the mood to eat something, but I know I shouldn't, I like to chew on a cinnamon stick.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2017-10-23 01:27 (UTC) (Lien)
Great. You cannot go wrong w/ cinnamon, apart from sugar. It is a longstanding preservative against, e.g., meat spoilage in the Middle Ages. Cinnamon is all-around awesome.

Even though I almost hate them, celery stalks are great to turn to. And, I truly believe in munching on crunchy fresh green beans to help quit smoking.(!) It has nothing to do with the shape. I swear, there is something in them that helps. Either way, crunchy green beans are another thing to consider having around.

I sometimes get hit by wondering what I want to snack on. I am eating less and less chips these days. One thing I usually turn to is avocado's. Avocado's rock. Especiall6y in the middle...

meowmensteen at 2017-10-25 00:09 (UTC) (Lien)
I also like to eat frozen blue berries. I have so many bags of them from when I went to that farm this summer. That usually makes my fingers turn blue though.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2017-10-25 01:24 (UTC) (Lien)
I had a bag of tiny frozen blueberries, I fermented it as I do everything. I can see eating bigger frozen bb's in summertime, or making a smoothy or mixing w/ yogurt or sherbet. I generally fear eating frozen things.
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