December 2nd, 2019

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Proto-Celts, Who Knew How To Party...

They were the ancient horse lords of the Eurasian steppe, nomadic warriors whose influence extended over thousands of kilometres from Mongolia to the Ukraine. The spectacular gold jewellery and mummified remains preserved in their ancient burial mounds, some the size of a football pitch, tell us they loved colour and precious metal. But what else do we know about the enigmatic Scythians? They left us no written records so we have to rely on testimonies of their neighbours and new archaeological and genetic techniques. One thing seems sure, they knew how to party. Not only do Greek sources repeatedly mention ‘drunken Scythians’ but archaeological evidence confirms feast remnants with hundreds of wine amphorae and ‘purification tents’ filled with hemp smoke.

Bridget Kendall is joined by leading experts on the Scythians: Professor Hermann Parzinger, president of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, Dr Margarita Gleba from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and Sir Barry Cunliffe emeritus professor from Oxford University.

(Photo: A traditional animal-like piece of ornament on display at an exhibition of the treasures of the ancient Scythian burial mounds in the Siberian Valley of the Kings, held at the Tuva Republic National Museum in Kyzyl (Credit: Artyom Geodakyan/TASS/Getty Images)

Cat in the Box!

Oneida Community Venetia Flatware for Sale...

Hi guys! I'm offering a beautiful ONEIDA Community VENETIA Stainless Steel Burnished/Glossy 46 Piece Flatware Set for sale. This gorgeous Mid Century Modern Flatware Pattern is from Oneida's Community series of flatware. It's the VENETIA pattern which was introduced in 1968 and continued in production until 1988. It has long been discontinued.

It belonged to Lee's Grandmother and was carefully stored and cared for over the years. All the pieces are still in beautiful condition, including their Red storage case. Besides the set, there is also an eight piece special Hostess set. It's very complete, there are only two Knifes, one Dinner Fork and one Soup Spoon missing in total. I've seen listings on Ebay and at Replacements dot com for the individual pieces of the pattern, it should be pretty easy to complete the set.

Since we've had the set it's always been carefully stored. We hate to sell it but, due to the roof repairs, the brake and rotor replacement we still need to do on our car plus the excessive medical bills, we don't have a lot of choice.

Here are the pieces included in the case:


Includes(6) - Modern Hollow Knifes 9 1/8 in
Includes(7) - Dinner Forks 7 1/2 in
Includes(8) - Individual Salad Forks 6 3/4 in
Includes(10) - Teaspoons 6 1/8 in
Includes(7) - Place/Oval Soup Spoons 6 7/8 in


Includes(2) - Tablespoons(Serving Spoon) 8 5/8 in
Includes(1) - Soup Ladle 7 1/2 in
Includes(1) - Pierced Tablespoon(Serving Spoon) 8 5/8 in
Includes(1) - Sugar Spoon 5 7/8 in
Includes(1) - Medium Solid Cold Meat Serving Fork 8 5/8 in
Includes(1) - Flat Handle Master Butter Knife 6 1/2 in
Includes(1) - Pierced Dessert Server 9 5/8 in

Here are pictures of the set:

Collapse )

I'm hoping to make about $150 for it, which is about half the cost of the brake repair. I'd be happy for anything over $100, though. If anyone is interested, we can figure out shipping and I can take PayPal at bstaton @

Thanks, as always, for listening.


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Familiar Freaks.

I posted about a cat about two days ago.  My dog KNEW it was out there, and sure enough, it was.  When my dog saw it, he charged at it, of course.  So, it darted across the quiet hwy.

Today I came home from the library, and there it was, dead in the middle of the hwy.  Maybe it was nutsy the other day, because it sensed its poor existence would soon be perished.  Beings often act strangely the days or hours before their demise.

As I was walking home, (before this), I passed through a parking lot, and merged with a woman and her lively kids.  The woman said, "Excuse us."  I said, "I suddenly have a family!"  Only the older little girl gave a little laugh.

Maybe I am one of those beings.