November 1st, 2019

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You can't run from GOD !

I keep getting magazines from L. Ron Hubbard - the Xtian Scientists - or Scientology.  They started after I got my credit card - my bank sold my address on a mailing list.  Then, typists eventually altered the spelling of my name, by mistake.  All the junk mail associated with the proper spelling has stopped - but this incorrectly addressed stuff keeps coming.  It's like accelerating more and more.  It is junk I do not open or look at.  I have sent several pieces back, demanding that they desist.  But they don't - because religious fanatics are like that.  yesterday, on my way to Walgreens, I dropped a large envelope, filled with a bunch of these mailings and magazines, into a mailbox.  Where one normally writes one's return address, I wrote, "Bill Recipient!"  Inside the envelope was my note: "Remove from list!  No one ever asked for this crap!"

Today, I received yet another mailing from them.  Now, here's how it was addressed: Same misspelling of my name.  They dropped the "1/2" from my apartment number, and so the address is now actually that of the crazy bald man downstairs.  And for the city?  "San Clemente, CA 92672-2207."  (I live in Illinois).  I have NO idea how this mailing got to me!  It's like a bad dream.

I am going to drop it in a mailbox and see what happens..
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You always take the weather with you.

I have been wanting to post about how climate change affected human evolution, progress, etc.  Forgive me, but I will have to put that off for a while, as I am under the weather at the moment, aka spiked seltzer.

But I do want to say a little bit, this Hallowed Eve...

There was an eruption of a volcano which resulted in the 1816, "Year without a summer."  It caused a lot of floods, crop failures, deaths - 100,000 Irish people died.  Accelerated westward migrations in America.  During this summer, the outside was so cold, wet and dark, that Lord Byron, and his personal physician, and Percy Shelley, and Percy Shelley's wife, and others, all remained inside, and challenged each other to a writing contest.  Byron's physician began, "The Vampyre, " which was the first conventionalisation of the vampire legends.  Mary Shelley, of course, wrote, "Frankenstein."  The latter was inspired by a dream, but assumed to reflect impressionsof Byron's protean, or morosely polyglot, personality.  Byron, himself, wrote the poem, "Darkness."  All because of a change of weather, history - and our culture - was changed forever.

The year without a summer also effected many other human changes, as all wide climate changes do.  A great example is that an inventor noticed how the weather was causing such difficulty in other travel, especially in that it was killing so many horses.  So, he invented a few new personal travel vehicles.  One of them was soon to evolve into what we know today as the bicycle.  Subsequently, (1859, 1876), the combustion engines were invented, which largely put the kibosh on the bicycle, and brought us global warming.  I call that overkill.
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Double Standards


Al Franken: "It hurts me to think that my loving, tactile behavior has harmed anyone, and I am deeply sorry.  I am resigning from the US Senate."

Katie Hill: "I am leaving because a sick, misogynistic society spread 'naked pictures' of me illegally having sex with a young male staffer.  Meanwhile, we have men in power who have been accused of sexual violence who remain in power - including in the White House!"

There is a difference between being accused and being guilty.  Yes, there are Oafs in Office, but some of them are also female.  Stop using Trump to legitimize every sordid action.

A lot of voters are tired of it.