October 23rd, 2019

* - galaxy


Did another walk downtown, about 4:pm. Scolded farmer selling me chard for smoking. Library. Decided not to do laundry this time, although there is so much to do before winter. This was a good decision because I experienced some CFS difficulty, mainly a blood sugar problem. So hungry. Got home and made a pizza. Watched, "The Day After," (to compare to, "Jericho," series). (Both of these hold some significance to me). Now I have a headache from wine.

Also, I pruned the street tree a little, just to clear the street sign. Note that it was I who began this whole trimming thing. Then neighbours started competing with me, (esp. A-Hole Guy), in an effort to claim ownership. After that, houses started getting repaired, and so forth, (esp. after I got me front steps repaired). It's entertaining to watch them acting out of negative emotions, when meanwhile the area starts to get gentrified. That's what some people would call it.

Some neighbour continues to run a dog through this property. I know, from one dropping, that it is a large one. My dog cannot control himself, and is obsessed with licking the urine left. So, I have to YANK him away, (he is on a harness). It is completely disgusting, irritating and disappointing. While I am out, I hear new black neighbours yelling at each other in their house, most probably concerning me / my dog. They may be the ones with the dog.

The people around here refuse to mind their own business, and then they proceed to blame. Like A-Hole guy, who trespassed on this property, and then shouted at ME because he stepped in my dog's shit. Never has anyone around here cleaned up shit the way I do, and so all the more reason for them to blame me. It is completely backwards. Changing this society forever requires stepping out of this idiocy, and then leaving it up to the jealousy and anger of others for the productive imitation to begin - and hopefully not getting injured in the process. I continue to take the hits and gossip for in this way sticking out like a sore thumb. I walked into a hateful, dysfunctional neighbourhood which was falling apart, and now it is beginning to thrive, but at my expense. Just want to be left alone by it. Buggers.

I don't like how my dog ends up being punished for his urine-licking, when it really is the fault of trespassers. He has gotten the mange 2x because of them, and has also become very ill. I am trying to keep him from contracting Parvo Virus. Who knows what he has contracted in the past. This is why I want to find a RURAL setting for him, and just let him go free. It is a bother, (esp. w/ CFS, to have to dress at least 3x per day just to take him out myself, and deal with idiots as well.