October 18th, 2019


Don't Plasticise Me / Why China Sucks

Have you ever noticed that the healthy food always comes in plastic that cannot be recycled? Or, the 'recycle' code is not even marked on the package? And gluten-free bread is now coming in an internal thick plastic container.

On the other hand, those foods that do show the code, and are usually recyclable, tend to be full of sugar, additives, etc. I don't see what the problem is, oh yes I do. Money.

And then there is China shipping all this lead-contaminated stuff packaged in tonnes of hard plastic that is impossible to open, with no indication of a recycle code - but then China turns around and stops accepting American trash for recycling, (which arguably the beginning of the trade war), because, "Americans don't know how to sort their trash!"

I really get annoyed when China pushes itself around the world as being some kind of know-it-all, when it has been more of some kind of environmental parasite. It has stolen much of our technological knowledge and patents, by hook or by crook. It requires all information be handed over by any corporations locating there, since China always hold at least 51% of every resident corporation - including Apple, McDonald's, and all other corporations we used to call American.

It has manipulated its currency for decades, allowing its exports to be unfairly cheap. It exploits a vast population for cheap labour. It tries to take over the China sea by building artificial islands. It is pushing its way into Africa, Europe, South America, South East Asia, etc., like some elite imperial empire. The rapacious hunger for resources mirrors that of imperial Japan prior to WW2. Its imprisonment of Moslems, use of AI policing, increasing pressure on Hong Kong, insistence that it owns Taiwan, and complete racism towards blacks and other foreigners, all along with a refusal to consider human rights issues, after Mao had killed over 60 million of its own citizens, prove it to be a mean, pig-headed punk.

And, because of all these licenses, it is either the first or second greatest polluter on the planet, in all categories. And dependent, whorish American money interests do everything they can to make China more comfortable, including using its dark money to fund political campaigns, or forever targetting Russia as an enemy. Look for the disconnects and the hypocrisies. Not everything in the news is face value - a lot of it is cover for corruption, greed and deceit. And that will certainly be true when people try to dismantle US trade tariffs on China too soon and too carelessly.

The point is, all of this nonsense and arrogance is what is behind China's pollution and hypocrisy. They go together, hand in hand. It is wrong not to speak up about any of it, out of some fear of being called a racist. We are not talking about China Town, we are talking about a corporatist elite hiding behind "communism", who's population is one fourth of that of the planet, trying to dominate, if not supersede, all other populations, economically.

But, as history has shown - it starts economically, and inevitably acts tyrannically, as the limits to growth again constrict, by the laws of entropy. You just cannot go around throwing smoke into the planet and not one day pay the price.  Everyone ends up paying the price, producers and consumers alike.  I do not want to be any part of that future.

I didn't ask for all this plastic packaging, and I don't want to end up buried in it. It is already in all of our bloodstreams. It is already an alien invasion. This is already the war of the worlds.

A.F. Moritz, 'Simile'

Cross-post from war_poetry:


As if you'd erased the city where the house
where I was born was standing. As if I
had gone away a minute, just to see what lies beyond,

as if anything does, and you swept away my path
with your broom and rubbed it out
with your wheels, criscrossing into chaos.

As if I found my way back anyway and you tore
the house down in front of me, but I still saw
you hiding there behind a brick and a weed,

so you tore yourself into dust. As if
over the empty spaces you installed
a loudspeaker with a voice of uniform

and blank-eyed pages, blaring that I
was never born anywhere, least here. As if
the planet was vanished then, under the noise,

and I would have to find another one to live on
if I wanted to live. As if in the whole
universe, though, there were now no more,

so my own gorge would have to be that planet.

By A.F. Moritz