October 6th, 2019


David Bowie flopped his peen, heroin addiction and other excerpts on Debbie Harry autobiography

Punk and rock ICON, Debbie Harry has a new book call “face it”, in it she narrates her fascinating life and shares some interesting passages.

The leader of Blondie illustrates the book with fan art she’s collected from over her 40-plus year career since she moved to NYC. Here Bowie complimented her on being just like a drag queen, years later she hooked up Iggy pop and Bowie with cocaine, and after they do the blow, Bowie flops out his apparently notoriously big dick.

“Well, I was surprised and flattered actually and sort of ‘Oh!’. She laughs “I mean, who wouldn’t? This is like the perfect rock’n’roll story really. And if it’s David Bowie, what could be better? I thought it was a very gentlemanly gesture in a way.”

She thinks if terms like genderqueer and non-binary had been around then, she would have identified with them.

Touches up on being a pioneer – she was playing up to the idea of being a highly feminine woman fronting a male rock band in a highly phallocentric industry.

Her roughest time was was “between the years 1982 and ’85 – that was a rough patch for all of us”: the band imploded, Stein was diagnosed with pemphigus (an autoimmune disease so rare, hospital nurses assumed he had AIDS and refused to go into his room) and both were numbing the pain – physical and emotional – with heroin.

Having blazed a trail for artists as diverse as Lady Gaga, Garbage’s Shirley Manson and Madonna, she is still touring and has seemingly become more overtly political in recent years.

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Exploding Whales / Unintended Consequences

Dynamite was used to blow up a rotting beached whale, with unintended consequences.


There have been several cases of whale carcasses bursting due to a buildup of gas in the decomposition process. Actual explosives have also been used to assist in disposing of whale carcasses – ordinarily after towing the carcass out to sea. A widely reported case of an exploding whale occurred in Florence, Oregon, in November 1970, when a dead sperm whale was blown up using dynamite by the Oregon Highway Division (now the Oregon Department of Transportation) in an attempt to dispose of its rotting carcass. The explosion threw whale flesh over 800 feet (240 m) away. American humorist Dave Barry wrote about it in his newspaper column in 1990 after viewing a videotape of television footage of the explosion, and later the same footage circulated on the Internet. It was also parodied in the 2007 movie Reno 911!: Miami and in the 2018 Australian comedy Swinging Safari.

Read about the Oregon Incident, and other Leviathanic explosions.