September 15th, 2019


Claude McKay, 'When I Have Passed Away'

When I Have Passed Away

When I have passed away and am forgotten,
And no one living can recall my face,
When under alien sod my bones lie rotten
With not a tree or stone to mark the place;

Perchance a pensive youth, with passion burning,
For olden verse that smacks of love and wine,
The musty pages of old volumes turning,
May light upon a little song of mine,

And he may softly hum the tune and wonder
Who wrote the verses in the long ago;
Or he may sit him down awhile to ponder
Upon the simple words that touch him so.

By Claude McKay
(September 15, 1889 – May 22, 1948)
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The Perils of Polley

Some rock bands are interesting to read about, because they are so out-there, for one reason or another. Like Fleetwood Mac, the Sex Pistols, the Replacements, the Moody Blues, etc. Some are intriguing because of the suicides or deaths they spawned, like Pink Floyd, The Who, Jerry Rafferty, Frightened Rabbit, Men At Work, Nirvana, etc.  The Welsh band,  Badfinger, was one of these. Two of it's members hanged themselves...

Badfinger, showing their in-between historical hair.  (Mine looks a bit like the guy's on the right).

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PS - I want to see movie, "Magic Christian," now. Based on book by writer who also worked on Dr. Strangelove, Barberella, etc. Movie was apparently too 'over-the-top' in criticising capitalism, etc. I love black comedies, though. The title is ironic, considering my discussion - and the plot is a bout a Billionaire who messes with and exploits people - also ironic. And - a great transition between Sellers/Milligan-era, and Beatles-era, and Python-era, humours.