September 13th, 2019

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I owe a good catch-up, but that is not this post.

This post is about theatregirl7299. If we are friends on Twitter and Facebook, you already know.

theatregirl7299 suffered a slight injury on her foot, which developed into cellulitis. In a horrible progression, cellulitis turned into gangrene. As a life-saving measure, they had to amputate her food below the knee.

I know, take a sec.

SHe is doing as well as one could hope, with pain being well-managed and the hospital staff caring and competent.

NOW - this all happened as she was mid-move, having packed up her place (henc the food injury) and literally in the middle of driving across the country. SO she has no apartment, no job, etc., being that that was her plans for the new home.

1. We have a Go Fund Me running. Anything you can contribute will add up and help her. Link:

2. PLEASE PLEASE spread this link on your social media and fandom platforms!!

3. Stay tuned for a Fanworks auction. I hope to have a pimp card soon. Fics, art, whatever you can do will be offered. Details to come.

Thank you, Fireheart13/Firesign10