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le 12 septembre 2019

Originally posted by hewontgo in ohnotheydidnt. Reposted by madman101 at 2019-09-12 12:18:00.

Faye Dunaway's former assistant is suing her. He was fired after he complained to the producers of her Broadway show that she was berating him because of his sexual orientation.

He was regularly on the receiving end of "abusive demeaning tirades" from Dunaway.
On one occasion, he claims Dunaway referred to him and other employees as "Little gay people."

He claims Dunaway again berated him, this time calling him "a little homosexual boy."
He told the lawyer for the play and the general manager about what happened but nothing was done.
He claims to even have the incident on video.

Two weeks later, he was fired and was told that Dunaway "was not comfortable with you anymore."
He believes he was fired in retaliation for reporting Dunaway's allegedly discriminatory behavior.
He is suing Dunaway, the play, a producer and the lawyer for retaliation and discrimination.

Dunaway worked on the play "Tea at Five." She was eventually fired from the play.


Originally posted by crazyfirecrotch in ohnotheydidnt. Reposted by madman101 at 2019-09-12 12:38:00.

In recent events R.Katy has been accused of sexually harassing multiple victims. Some of her unwanted sexual abuse has been documented on live tv with the victims not consenting to her advances. Perry has yet to respond or release a statement for grabbing shawn mendes teenage ass, exposing Josh Kloss's penis or fondling and then trying to kiss Tina Kandelaki at a industry event, these are just a few examples of Katy's despicable behavior.

The independent gave a factoid: "When men are victims of sexual violence, they’re taken less seriously. Frequently, these victims are told to “man up” and “enjoy it” when they bravely come forward with their accusations. This rhetoric reinforces toxic masculinity and allows men to be victimized further as they may feel that their assault wasn’t truly an assault".

Yet Perry has yet to be “cancelled” or face much public condemnation, why does Katy get a pass?

source= https://twitter.com/Independent/status/1162425044980719617?s=20

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