August 25th, 2019

* - galaxy

Will it go 'round in circles?

I have been having one of my central/front mega-headaches that is intractable as a giant tree-stump. I have been sleeping a huge amount, trying to shake it, but no ducks. Lucky that I have actually been able to sleep, though - that helps in other areas. I believe these rare headache gems, which feel like dead cells, might sometimes result when I drink even when I have a migraine. As you may know, drinking only makes migraines worse. But these little terrors are even worse than those.

My dog's personality changed after I brought him inside yesterday, noonish. He was fine during his daily cookie feast, of course, but then he lost all interest in me. Hardly even a tail-wag when I babied him. I felt his forehead, and it was warm. I just looked at him lying there, and it was like he was on his way to dying. This brought back memories of my beloved Malamute as she passed away from heat-stroke, or whatever it was. (Will never forget her being able, even while in severe torture, to extend her fore-paw to me a little, to comfort me as I fell apart desperately in tears and pleas).

But it turned out, he wasn't rally sick. Maybe a bit queasy from eating a tiny amount of weeds outside, and this affected his mood. But his mood was the real problem. It seemed like he was absolutely disappointed with me. So, I thought about this. I had done nothing unusual to summon such disfavour, other than to being annoyed slightly that he wouldn't sit down outside, as asked. (He gets this way when he is diverted by people outside, (or by his nose), or also because he wants it to look like he has no boss-of-him).

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