August 9th, 2019

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{NOTE/update: The best tag for ideas on time is physics - time (& space-time), which includes the 2-part BROKEN ARROW series. A good related topic is universe - origami universe. I cannot seem to find Part 4 of this (TIME PASSAGES) series, but it might exist, untagged. So, if you find it, please let me know].

I have another recent theme for this series, but it is not presently exuberant in my imagination, so I need to let it simmer a few days. Also have many bigger themes latent in the past. I'll revive them somehow someday, even though they are lost to memory atm. For now, I thought I would just tack a little on to the last post, basically...

The image of a camera taking pictures on on top of another, over and over: This means to convey that the full, dynamic connections between each frame are severed. That includes local input as well as from across the universe. It also includes input from beyond each frame. A simple example: one shot shows woods with a bird flying across, a bit blurry. In the next shot, the bird is halfway 'cross the picture now. So you miss all that info on the bird, in between frames. Multiply this by a trillion.

We interpret or manifest time by framing space.

And, by severing all input between (etc.) frames, you kind-of equalise the local ('present') captured input with the distant ('past') input. What does this mean? It means you are not taking a 4-D (space-time), (or even 3-D), picture, but something virtually 2-dimensional and so unfathomable. Basically, almost all relevant info is gone, similar to the way, when we snap a picture of a subatomic particle, we can only capture it's momentum and not it's location, or else it's location and not it's momentum (or direction).

Don't tell me the macro is so different than the micro. The way we measure the macro similarly confounds what we assume is reality, as when different cameras capture different red shift (of the expanding universe). (It is my thought that degrees of gravity is affecting respective cameras, which in line with my larger theory, meaning to post more on some time).

Next: The rock. I wanted to be a little more illustrative. Meditate on that rock again. Just because it seems stationary and dead to you does not mean it is not full of a shared energy of your universe. It looks dead because you take one shot, another, and another, and see no movement. But, in fact, it is accelerating in space millions of miles an hour, right along side of you.

Like floating next to a floating apple, as you both drop together in an elevator car, that rock only looks dead because it is sitting right next to you, as you careen in parallel to god knows where. Think about it, now. Because, thinking is the best way to travel...

Look at that rock, and imagine it PROCEEDING THROUGH TIME, in the exact same way as it should proceed through space. Because, that is exactly what it is doing. The rock you see now? It is gone, swimming forth as - the rock you now see. And gone again, but now something new - ever forward through time accelerating just as in space, and married to itself in force, energy, momentum, and more...

If you are so dearly near to this object, as opposed to so many trillions of others in the universe, don't you think that you might not share some deep meaningful quantum, electric, gravitation, etc., entanglements. And don't you think that this object in space would not bear some psychic influence in your life, as you both fare forwards along basically the same trajectory to your 'time'?!

It is possible to derive psychic energy from objects, beings, 'ghosts', or whatnot, in this this highly coincidental world. That is the compromise and compensation for living in such close quarters. We are more connected than we, trapped by frames of time, tend to believe.

Note: Measurement. Observation. Existence. Is oscillation. Yin and Yang.

Next: I won't mention by name, out of courtesy, but someone commented that, (under the influence of DMT), time is a human construct. Psychedelic experiences can transform reality, and bring us a bit more outside of time. But it would be more of a short-hand to say that time is (solely) a human construct. I believe that time is a natural construct, but which humans are about the best at building, sometimes to our detriment. (If there are such things as natural laws, then time is a fundamental one). Humans are not apart from nature, we are a full extension of it.

Many philosophers believe that time is in fact an illusion. That contradicts everything we, and all other beings, have been experiencing, including pain, and mortality, right? If time is an illusion, then so is existence. If we don't exist, then who are we to come up with the idea that time is an illusion? You see? It is tautological, like so many things.

It is a paradox. Similar to a suddenly expanding embryonic cluster, or an explosive nuclear reaction, or the so-called beginning of the universe, time is an interference pattern - between opposing realities. Existence, upon non-existence. Matter, upon infinity. Now, upon eternity. Time is like a massive, rapid contagion of dissatisfaction, ever wanting to break away, and to make anew.

Time can only exist when time paradoxically also does not exist. And so, we zoom through our own arrows of awareness, always teetering over how to judge this or that, how to make time, how to follow the flow, how to progress, how to dream. It is all a great onslaught of ambivalence.

And, this is how everything in the universe keeps trying to reconcile itself with the paradox of existing alone, together, in whole, or in nonexistence, along every other entity in the universe, similarly striving to reconcile - because that is the drive, the bis to continue existing. In a time, yet in a spirit or will, as well. I touched on this weirdness, along with the Double Paradox, in earlier posts in the series.

A construct. A matrix. A prison. A paradise. Pretty much anything is possible. And so, for everyone, it all comes down to you.


Not real.

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Loon Shadows

My LJ style does not allow "like" buttons, (which is why I never 'like' any of your posts - but I am reading!). I don't get many likes - only from people who view me in their own style. It is nice to get likes - and I am especially thanking maadmike, (who can't comment here, due to a technical issue). The most intriguing thing is when I get a like on a post I made years earlier.

That's what happened today. I did a 'referral post' in a community, called, humanitysucks back in 2016 - and someone liked it today.

The post was about something I called "The Flowertown Massacre", mostly about the tragic carnage of bees these days / those days. A post about a massacre. In a community about the downfall of humanity.

Maybe to 'liker' was random. But it could have been something else. I looked further... Maybe it was the owner of the now-defunct community, coming back to haunt. So, I looked her up, and her journal ended many years ago. Her 'interests' were things like vampires, and other gothy morbid stuff. What I found strange was that she lived in Gilroy, California - the site of the recent shooting.

Midget Carnage: count the bodies like sheep

Who knows if something was behind that. I imagine a young woman wounded by that tragedy, eventually looking up her deceased LJ community, for some kind of meaning or something. Just strange. Ironic.

That lead me to discover the book cherished by that shooter, "Might is Right" (1896). Here is precisely the opposite of everything I stand for. Some of you know how I have railed against the mean-world philosophy of might-makes-right. Which is easy to do for anyone with some kind of religious mythology, but not for some lone philosophical wolf such as myself.

That book was a twist on Nietzsche, similar to the one taken by Hitler), who was actually an admirable humanitarian. It's the same thing I noticed with other, e.g., my little brother: Map out wrongs in this world to clarify what is right, and some in your audience will sneak away and try out those very wrongs, in defiance, envy, or some private lust for power.

The book was another of those manic exaggerations of the whole Social Darwinism movement, (which itself was a misreading of Darwinian theory), such as lead to eugenics and NAZIism.

By the way, the shooter in Gilroy was not a conservative, or 'white nationalist', he was some kind of hedonist on a selfish rampage against religions and 'white twats', not just Hispanics. And he was half Iranian.

The shooter in Ohio was a Clinton, etc., supporter. One of his online profiles was purported to have been switched, after the shooting, to show his as Republican. There was no known racial motivation to his actions.

There were reports in Ohio, and in El Paso, of additional shooters, and I am have some confidence that this was true in El Paso. In both shootings, the modus operandi were similar, and there have been assertions that both shooters were Antifa freaks. That's all I care to say about mass shootings for now. Except, to charge that Trump is creating a diversion from these issues, by commuting Blagovjavich(sp?), might as well invite the charge that these shootings might have been themselves distractions towards nefarious purposes.