August 3rd, 2019

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Every year, I request a $500 increase on my credit card. I did this early, this year, in anticipation of a possible move. Yesterday, I got a notice from my bank that they cannot process the request because, "you have placed a freeze on your credit report."

I never did anything of the sort. Either Equifax is doing this to everyone, after their collossal debacle, or there is one more creepy person out there, messing with my life. I've got to open the report to the bank before things can proceed.

Equifax will send you money, and/or other stuff, since they mishandled your privacy. Like so many judgments, the settlement is insufficient. Aren't you glad we have these stranger corporations basically determining our lives? And, just so you know. Data is the name of the game. Nothing goes into the internet that isn't bought and sold. The ironic thing about this it all depends upon the exercise of our will/s, we the buyers, right? But it is our very will that they are destroying through endless privacy exploitations and subsequent controls. When we are all robots, how will they market to us then?

At least you can get what is coming to you. Power to the people / Stick it to the man. Follow these links for $ or etc. - - See links near the end.

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