July 27th, 2019

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Drinking is the best way to travel.

Well, as if to tempt me back, my internet is not stalling out at the moment. But I am only getting barebones LJ pages. One result: I can only post this entry public.

Yesterday, I walked downtown. Out of breath. Realised I had forgotten my wallet. Had to call bus company from library. Decided to walk home and have a new bus waiting for me there. Walked home. Was really exhausted. Got wallet, and took bus to F&F for nuts, and to look at advertised pair of Skechers, which I easilly decided not to buy. Then - more walking! This time to Aldi's.

At Aldi's, there was a cute little mousy faced female with sad bags under her eyes. We noticed each other, and so I'll go back some other Friday. Walked to big supermarket for intended sunflower seeds, and there were almost none there. Thank goodness I bought the nuts. Tallish girl there seemed to like me. But I am always too strained to chat much. Often, e.g., when I walk into Papa Murphy's, (home of Pizza Girl), my voice is breathy and high because of all the walking, and it does me no good.

Caught bus home. Note that when I had been w/o wallet, I feared I had tossed it into a bag which I subsequently threw into a dumpster - so yay that never happened.

Weeks or months ago, I strained my left bicep, and incurred pain, because CFS means lots of lactic acid. This sort of thing makes my illness a lot worse, believe it or not. Now that it is entirely healed, it is actually bigger than my right bicep. I am right-handed!

I am now in the beginnings of a four-CD lecture series on the "Barbarians of the Steppes." My main interests: the Scythians, Sarmations and Tocharians, The professor is OK but keeps making these verbal gaffs because he has too many thoughts in his head at the same time, and it is both annoying and delightful to watch.

BTW - It is offensive that these creative nomads are called, "barbarians,' by this professor. I don't like the use of the word denoting anyone other than residents of the Barbary coast, especially those marauders of Roman times. And it is unfair to judge the Steppe Indo-Europeans, (aka, Aryans), only on their warfare, when it was their technologies which allowed their warfare and growth, greatly influencing the rest of the world. Today, 75% of the world's population speaks some derivation of Indo-European language.

I had a feeling the Supremes would allow Trump to use military money for the wall. Dems don't seem to realise that the president is almost solely in charge of both the military and immigration management. Not saying I agree or disagree, it's just a reality - like the electoral college.
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Alors - my compuweb is back to being worthless. So, I am writing this offline, hoping for a time when I might be able to be online again.

Collapse )Once we see no better future, well, that's when all the monsters rear their ugly heads, right?

So, what we need to focus on is making a better future together, despite all the odds. There may come a point where this is no longer possible. But that time is not yet here. So. Get on it! And...

Enough with the identity politics!
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part II

I didn't add a few things in the last, "STEREOTYPES," post.  or one thing, look at it this way: When you have a task force, even in high school, you delegate responsibilities to different people, to get the agreed goal accomplished.  Well we tend to forget that we all descended from just a handful of people, just  a few ten thousands of years ago, due to that damned volcano at Tuva(sp?).  So, look at it this way: We sent out various clans to take care of this or that business.  As you would have it, natural selection, in a civilising world, made these delegates better and better at their chosen obligations.  Basket-weavers got better at that.  Millers got better at that.  Money-changers got better at that.  And, really, seriously, on on down to infinity, because, there was scarce a human live which was not professional in esteem.

So, what I want to say here is that, yes, stereotypical characteristics did emerge in civilisations, and versus civilisations.  So - what I mean to say here is that, of course, variant groups splintered off into their own expertise.  That means that Jews carried on certain traits, later made into stereotypes.  And so on.  OK - here is an area for you to research on your own.  The main message is this: The whole human race required an emerging variety of specialists to survive.  Most of those specialists had to do with urban existence; and most of them had to do with splintering ethnic groups.  Therefore, groups or racists today may carry over some of those qualities which helped their ancestors to survive.  Now.  What do we do with this in the modern world?

Point: We are all genetically and culturally different.

How do we want to manage that, in a world which is bursting at its seams with global warming and rising populations?
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There's been a boiled chicken sitting in my kitchen for a while. In a pot. I dread trying to remove it because I know it is going to fall on the floor.