July 20th, 2019

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Brain Showers.

It takes a lot of dreaming to push away the latest bout of dementia.  It is great to get back to the point where dreaming is at least possible - and when it finally succeeds, then that is a new life for me.  But, last night's dreams didn't do the trick.

I dreamt I was back in college, having to clean out my dorm room, to move out that night.  I had a lot of stuff to pack.  The task became a little easier when I found out a lot of the things I was packing belonged to other people, and so I could disregard them.  Since I had no where else to move to, I thought I might just fulfill the packing requirement and, when the time was appropriated, just register to move in' to the same room.  But, of course, that was not possible.

This dream was like those I have had of needing to leave Madison but having no money to do so.  I was younger in last night's dream, which always indicates healing.  I am certain that I shall be dreaming of children or babies tonight, as I finally recover.

Also last night: Was back in the old house.  Talked with neighbours about fingers coming down from the cloud and turning into tornadoes.  We would espy where the next one would hit.  Soon, we saw that a tornado was coming directly down upon my house.  Precautions and defenses were taken.  But the evil tornado had turned my mother's mind to rot.  A poisonous sludge of toxic thinking and toxic acting. with pettiness and meanness directed towards others.  A psychological or moral corollary of brain plaque.

I dreamt up this second dream because I had been thinking of moving to northern McHenry county.   But tornadoes might hit that area.  The area I am in seldom gets crossed by tornadoes, even though it is in Tornado alley.  The same vector extends up to Madison, meaning Madison also has less tornadoes.  This is doubly true because of all the lakes.  But, Madison has had some run-ins lately, seeing as the climate gods have all gone mad.

Tornadoes are a possibility tonight for this area.  So, maybe my dream was predictive.  But I think it was merely predictive for the oppressive weather in my brain today.  Heavy fog.  Unpredictable static and strikes.  Sat in a swelter, trying to prove it was perfectly fine to drink my daily hot mocha.  CFS impairs the body's thermoregulation, and everything else.

I use the chocolate and coffee to try to clear out my brain.

While making the mocha, my brain slipped, and it all fell off the counter and onto the floor.  Had to make a second cup.

Tonight, the crazy man downstairs will BANG on the wall when I am sleeping, and this will wake me, heart pounding, worsening my illness.  The other night, he pulled this crap as a way of punishing me for the thunder which had awakened him the night before.

Look forward to my post on how we blame each other for the weather.
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Our Mole In China

Here is a scientific puzzle.  What is a New World  mole doing living in the middle of China, surrounded by Old World creatures?

Among zoologists who study moles, the Gansu mole is of great interest. For a reason that can only be speculated, it is taxologically a New World mole living among Old Word moles; that is to say an American mole living in a sea of Euro-Asians.

The Gansu mole (Scapanulus oweni) is the only member of a tribe of genera commonly known as "New World moles", the Scalopini, not to live in North America.[3] All other scalopines are distributed in Central America and Mexico. To see a freaky picture of one of those relatives, the Eastern Mole, go to SCALOPINES.

So, how did little Oweni diverge so completely from his homeland? He lives in a cold, barren, montanus area, while his siblings live in a lush tropical paradise. Was the migration due to some climatic event? Or maybe Oweni was the progenitor, and Asian humans brought his subsequent descendants to America? We may never know, because moles usually don't like to talk about themselves.
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Apollo Finale

For lots of good stories on Apollo 11 and related, go to Space.com.

There were a number of space events going on the world this week, coinciding with the Apollo 11 anniversary. The Russians sent up astronauts to the international space station. China brought a space lab back to Earth. India tried to launch a mission at the beginning of this week, but it failed.

Again, I recommend you watch the documentary, just for the amazing photography - 65 and sometimes 70 mm! They made a special scanning machine to scan NASA's archives, which were excellently preserved.

You should be able to fnd the documentary by searching "Apollo 11 2019 documentary video watch". It might be free via CNN's and National Geographic's sites.