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le 17 juillet 2019

* - galaxy

We can make it happen! Weep/

Posted on 2019.07.17 at 02:46
In these hot days, I cannot be without bleach.  It is a terrible thing, but true.  Without bleach, my sitting dishwater turns to black mould.  So, I pushed myself off to walk to Walgreens.  My health was not up to par.  But everyone was saying "Hi!" to me!  I was in another country!  The woman at the pantry.  The girl sitting across a bar.  I walked into the library and a little boy just stared at me, stunned.  A librarian hoped to catch my eye.  Walking along: a woman just extended her arm and said hi!  A man did the same.  Everyone at Walgreens was saying hi.  It just went on and on.

I don't know if this was because I washed my hair, and so my pony tail bobbed out as if I had more hair than a Beatle.  I am thinking this had to do with Donald Trump clearly being an ass, and everyone trying to prove they were better than that.  I guess I represent something that people normally ignore - but this time, I was king for a day.  I don't see the need in so much attention, though.  My life is too hard to put any importance in this.  But other people do.  It is like a video game.

I also checked out a giant liquor store I had discovered hidden away.  It had a little restaurant cloistered off in the middle.  And the large middle-eastern cashier was very nice to me, constantly calling me, "Buddy."  He made me wish I was gay.

My computer is infected again.  It is completely stalled out!

It doesn't feel like my air conditioner is working anymore.

Life goes on.

Originally posted by theonionfeed. Reposted by madman101 at 2019-07-17 03:22:00.


WASHINGTON—Sheepishly approaching the representative after a morning hearing on U.S. livestock and poultry economies, 82-year-old New Jersey congressman Bill Pascrell quietly asked Rep. Ilhan Omar Tuesday if he could be part of her squad. “Excuse me, Ms. Omar, but I’ve been paying a good deal of attention to this…


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