July 16th, 2019

* - galaxy

Ultimate Anglo-Saxon

If I knew about this, I forgot about it.  Please bear repeating...

January Jones:

In 2009, Jones joined the marine conservation organization Oceana, as a celebrity spokesperson, working to save endangered sharks and to inform others about sharks' vital importance in nature.[32][33] She has gone swimming with sharks, including Caribbean reef sharks and whale sharks.[citation needed]

Jones gave birth to a son in 2011. She ate her own placenta and advised other mothers to do the same.[34][35] The father of the child has never been revealed.[36]

* - moon around

Trapped in 1969

Today marks the day we went to the Moon and killed all the Indians.


The actual Moon landing occurred a few days later.

Do you remember where you were? I was floating around in a giant diaphanous... placenta. 2001.

I have been trapped in 1969. Earlier this year, I viewed the awesome historical documentary, Apollo 11 - which I suggest you all see.

I have also been in 1969, in Mad.Men, where everyone is crowded around TV sets, (remember them?), watching little white ghosts bounce around like elongated Chiclets.

A lovely song commemorating the 1969 Moon landing was, "Static and Silence," from the Sunday's album of the same name.

Add to this that I have finally gotten around to enjoying the Moody Blues CD's gifted to me by Rhys Darby. Especially the one from 1969. "Timothy Leary's dead..."

A little documentary on a Mad.Men disc explored the whole Chicago 8 (7) farce, or whatever you'd call it...

Also watched a documentary about the Hmong trying to get out of the Vietnam war.

Many other things happened to me these months, placing me in 1969. Movies - like that Source Ronan BBC movie. Etc. And I had been imagining going to Woodstock50 with some folks but, as you know, the only significant event in this my life, on which I can count, is my eventual death, and that's about all that's on my calendar.

Sat outside with my dog, 2:am. The Moon was big and bright. Smiling down and waiting. And I felt embarrassed for us all.

Some weird thing is going on with my eye equipment, at the bottom. One side will get seriously itchy for a while - it is aggravating. After that is over, the other side starts up. It's like there are grains of sand sitting down there. But it could have to do with my illness, which has been making bizarre turns, like stopping my ability to salivate, and other unmentionables.

Or maybe I have forgotten how to cry.

There's a dead fish upon the landing...

Walking on the Moon..