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le 03 juillet 2019


The Killers’ Brandon Flowers on Morrissey: “He’s still a king”

Posted by likeanunmadebed on 2019.07.03 at 00:28
Musique actuelle: The Man - The Killers
Originally posted by likeanunmadebed in ohnotheydidnt. Reposted by madman101 at 2019-07-03 00:28:00.

Brandon Flowers has previously called Liam Gallagher "his King," but now shocking revelations show that Liam isn't the only King in Brandon's life!

-Brandon has many kings, reveals drummer Ronnie Vannucci
-He uses the term for his favourite artists
-Brandon admits he has about 15 kings, saying: "Don Henley, Peter Gabriel, Morrissey would be a king, Bono would be a king, Springsteen would be a king"
-PR training needed? Here's what he said about Morrissey: “He’s still a king. He’s unparalleled in what he’s achieved and his prowess and his lyrics and his sense of melody, it’s just incredible. I forgot he was in hot water though, so I shouldn’t have brought him up.”
-A new Killers album is coming in 2020, so prepare yourself for all the ONTD posts that will yield!


Russellian Monism

Posted on 2019.07.03 at 21:37
Originally posted by stanford_encyc. Reposted by madman101 at 2019-07-03 21:37:00.


[New Entry by Torin Alter and Derk Pereboom on July 3, 2019.]
Russellian monism is a theory in the metaphysics of mind, on which a single set of properties underlies both consciousness and the most basic entities posited by physics. The theory is named for Bertrand Russell, whose views about consciousness and its place in nature were informed by a structuralist conception of theoretical physics. On such a structuralist conception, physics describes the world in terms of its spatiotemporal structure and dynamics (changes within that structure) and says nothing about what, if anything, underlies that...

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