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le 24 juin 2019

Well. I will be offline for a few days, due to my computer. (I need to try to save the info on the frozen browser window). I might be able to post this entry at the library soon, or possibly via my computer. However, I will not be able to comment, etc. I don't know if my brain is ready, but I have been thinking of doing a post on capitalism - and an even earlier idea for a philosophical post which I can barely remember. But, it's funny, once I do meditate on such lost ideas, they usually come back together, almost in full. Interesting. Probably because this is the last and only thing left to me.

So, I am not bothering about the lawn wars right now. Rainy day. Gonna try to think and write a little. Probably will call the trailer park about a mobile home. I am drinking a second mugga mocha and that will mean trouble tonight. I am supposed to stop caffeine by noon. Going to plug in a Belle and Sebastian album after I post this. Amazing that they are still around. Johnny C. Melon head is writing a musical. Even now he continues to walk in the footsteps of Springsteen, etc., unabashedly, all the while complaining how he hates being a rock star. I'm kinda sick of that. Small Town Small Town Small Town Small Town Small Town Small Town Small Town Small Town Small Town ...

I'm a real cool danca!

Apologies for the technical difficulties.

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