June 15th, 2019

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I've just understood why we saw a roe deer one kilometer from my apartment house. When we had crossed an upper creek it looked like it is an asphalt track - it has been long dry, this means that there is no water in the forest while and where we saw a con deer there is a creek which always full cause it feeds with coming out of my city waters, plus the used water from cottages around the city going there also. The water is pretty clear in this creek cause it comes through the Soviet cleaning station, which consists from control center and two big basins which are full with water weeds and diffetent animals.
And it clear now why deer has got us so close - there was simply no way for him to run...
I like so much meet animals that if it depends on me I would forbid to shoot'em in Moscow region. I think if you are a hunter you could drive to some wild regions where there is not much destroyed eco sisyem and it has chances to recovet but in Miscow region the population is so dense that animals have no chance to live around and if we want to see them we certainly have to protect them.
And instead people behave as if they are only owners - and so, we don't have no fish, no animals, no wild berries, it is very sad...
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Instagram, schminstagram

Less then 2 minutes ago I was browsing my Instagram. I think that I, like most people, am more addicted to it than I'd like to admit... but I'm getting better, I promise.

But what brought me here, in a sudden necessity to post was my stories timeline. Not mine per se, but of the people I follow. People are getting mad and losing touch with reality, that's the only explanation I can find... And then we wonder why depression is getting more common around the world and why people are suffering from so many mental health issues!

The specific case from today was an "influencer" that I've been following for a while now. She used to be great, talk about travel and different cultures and she was real. She wasn't one of those girls that are miraculously thin and that have the most perfect life. She used to show how her followers how things really were and that was refreshing. But today, as I was getting up to date with the teasing circles on the top of my Instagram, I got to her stories...

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